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What is New?
Alkaloids. Calcitonin. Glass.Guchhi. Peptides.
Polyvinyl Alcohol. Streptomycin. Vinasse. Ziram

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Chemicals Gums, Resins.
Acid slurry. Adhesives .
Ball PenBleaching Powder.  
Candles. Carrageenan . Carmine.
Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Gluconate.
Castor Oil Products.
Ceramic Industry.
Ceramic Bearings.
CD Manufacturing Project.

Cosmetic Industry. Dental Fillings.
Disposable Paper Products.
Diamond like Coatings .
Filler Minerals.
Germanium .Glass & Ceramics.

Gums & Resins Database
Gum Arabic . Indigo.
Industrial Minerals. Limestone.
Lubricating Oil Recycling .

Mineral Based Industry .
Granite. Gypsum. Mica . Vermiculite
Natural Dyes  Paper Cups. Pet Bottle .
Plastic Recycling.
Poultry Feed Mills.
Rubber .Rubber bands. Sacks.
Xylitol.. Zeolites. Zinc Oxide.

Algae Diesel. Biodiesel .
Carbon Credits.Coconut Shell Products. Ethanol .Green Charcoal. Jatropha .
Non Edible Oils. Pongamia Oil .
Solar Energy & Devices .
Wind Farms .

Biotechnology Products 
Alginates.Azotobacter. Beta-carotene
Bio Fertilizers&Pesticides .  Biotechnology .
Biomaterials . Biopolymers  Collagen .
Cyclodextrins. Directory Enzymes .Enzymes. Glucoamylase. Lipitor . Lysine .Probiotic Foods.
Pulluan . Spirulina .
Tissue Cultured Plants.
Vaccines Market.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Antibody Industry . Baby Diapers.
Blood Products. Clinical Trials Opportunities . Contact lens. Cord Blood . Disposable Plastic Glucosamine. Lycopene .Medical Devices.
Medical Waste Disposal.  Nutraceuticals.   Surgical Cotton. .Surgical Sutures. Syringes.

Herbs & Medicinal Plants
Ajowan. AloeVera. Citronella Oil .Citrus Oil .
Geranium Oil. Guide Medicinal Plants & Herbs. 
Herbal Products.
Herbs India .
Herbs Profiles . Lemongrass Oil . Menthol  Nagarmotha Oil .Papain . Palmarosa Oil.
Senna. Shea Butter .

Trade Information
Apparel Buyers on CD Rom . 
Apparel Retailers of India
Buyers Castings & Forgings. Ceramic Colors . Commodity Markets . Eco Products Marketing.

Exporters GuideJewelry . Leather Products. Marketing Essential Oils.   Marketing Handicrafts. Market Research.
Natural Ingredients Buyers .Tec textiles .

Agro-Food Processing Industries
Aquaculture .
Arecanut . Asafoetida.
Chewing Gum. Essential Oils.
Food products .
High Fructose SyrupIce Cream . Lecithin.
Mineral Water Information . Noodles.
Ostriches. Potato
 .Rice Bran .
Rice Husk Ash .

Sesame Seed Oil . Seed Industry .Seafood .
Stevia  . Spices, Essential Oils oleoresins  .
Starch Products . Sugarcane Industry.
Sugar Beet Industry . Tamarind .
Truffles. Vanilla Information .

Engineering Products

Aluminum Foam. BearingsBLDC Motors.
Car Wash Project. Ceramic Tiles.
CNG Kits .CNC Machining.
Engineering Industry Markets.
Electronic Industry.
Industrial water .
LPG Cylinders.
LPG Kits. RMC.
Satellite Receivers.
Set Top Boxes. Steel Flanges .

Technology Information 
Aseptic Technology.  Cold Storage.
Composite Materials . Fuel Cells.

High Pressure Processing.
Individual Quick Freezing. KM.
Nanotechnology .Plastic Products
RFID . Smart Cards.
Nan ceramic Powders.
Supercritical CO2 Technology  .

Primary Information Services
 21 Murugappan St, SwamyNagar Ext2, 
Ullagaram, Chennai - 600091, India.
Phone: 91 044 22421080   FAX : 91 44 22423753
Email : ,
Mobile numbers: 9940043898, 9444008898