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  • Aseptic technique is a general term involving practices that minimize the introduction of microorganisms to patients during patient care. There are two categories of asepsis; general asepsis which applies to patient care procedures outside the operating theatre and surgical asepsis relating to procedures/processes designed to prevent surgical site infection. 

  • Aseptic technique is the effort taken to keep the patient as free from hospital micro-organisms as possible . It is a method used to prevent contamination of wounds and other susceptible sites by organisms that could cause infection. This can be achieved by ensuring that only sterile equipment and fluids are used during invasive medical and nursing procedures.

Aseptic Filling Technology

  • Blow-fill-seal technology, originally developed in Europe in the 1930s and introduced in the US in the 1960s, has emerged as a preferred  method for aseptic packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products due to unrivalled flexibility in container design, overall product quality, product output and low operational costs. 

  • The closed vial has been developed to improve aseptic filling quality and to reduce process complexity. A ready-to-fill closed vial consists of a sterile vial provided with the stopper secured in place. The vial is filled by inserting a noncoring needle through the stopper, which is then resealed by laser.

Packaging and Transportation

  • The basic process for aseptic bulk storage was developed and patented by Purdue in 1972 and licensed exclusively to Bishopric for commercialization. In the process, raw product is sterilized, cooled, and stored in sterilized tanks made of carbon steel lined with a resin material. Prior to filling, the tanks are washed and chemically sterilized by a clean-in-place system,  then purged with nitrogen and filled with product. Anaseptic valving system maintains sterility, and the entire aseptic system is continuously monitored by an automatic control system.

  • The new machine generation of rommelag® is taking these requirements into account and therefore the machines are built in a way to comply with Health Authorities regulations. They are consequently constructed in order to minimize the particle generating, being potential vehicles for viable organisms. The machine is constructed in a modular way. lt consists basically of 4 individual modules:  Main frame, Extruder Frame, Electronic cupboard, service Utilities.

Innovation in the Field Of Aseptic Technology 

  • The newest package from a company combines the benefits of aseptic carton technology with the ease and convenience of using a microwave oven. This innovative package and its 200 ml size are perfect for readymade smooth sauces (i.e. dessert toppings, cooking sauces and savoury sauces) and ideal for heating high quality products.

  • Aseptic technique includes preparation of the patient, such as hair removal and disinfection of the operative site; preparation of the surgeon, such as provision of decontaminated surgical attire, surgical scrub, and sterile surgical gloves; sterilization of instruments supplies, and implanted materials; and the use of operative techniques to reduce the likelihood of infection.

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