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  • Biogas production by anaerobic digestion is popular for treating biodegradable waste because valuable fuel can be produced while destroying disease-causing pathogens and reducing the volume of disposed waste.
  • The main factors that influence biogas production are pH (level of acidity) of the feedstock and the temperature. It is well established that a biogas plant works optimally at pH level of 7 or just above (neutral solution) and a temperature of around 35o C.
  • The methane in biogas combusts more cleanly than coal, and produces more energy with less emissions of carbon dioxide. The harvesting of biogas is an important role of waste management because methane is a greenhouse gas with a greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide.
  • Biogas technology makes optimal utilization of the valuable natural resource of dung; it provides nearly three times more useful energy that dung directly burnt, and also produces nutrient-rich manure.
  • Recently, developed countries have been making increasing use of biogas generated from both wastewater and landfill sites or produced by mechanical biological treatment systems for municipal waste.
  • Biogas plants can be found in countries such as India, China, Philippines, Germany, Austria and Turkey.



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