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  • Mango pulp finds vast application in the food industry and also at homes.
  • It is used in the bakery products in fruit breads, donuts, pie filling, icing, cakes and is also used in muffins and tarts.
  • Mango pulp is also used for making beverages such as fruit drinks, milkshakes and a variety of refreshing jams and jellies.
  • Mango pulp is as baby fruit meal, salad dressings, fruit drinks, and is also mixed with frozen spray powder to make delicious dishes.
  • To manufacture mango pulp, only fresh, ripe and non-mouldy fruit should be used.
  • Mango pulp process is relatively simple, involving seven basic steps; washing, destoning, thermal treatment, homogenization, deaeration, pasteurization and packaging.
  • Mango pulp is produced from specific varieties of mangoes - Totapuri, Alphonso and Raspuri.
  • India is the largest grower of the most widely recognized variety of mango (Alphonso) used in pulp manufacture.
  • The country also dominates the world market for mango pulp with over 113,000 MT of production and a 67% share of world exports.
  • The largest share of mango pulp (25%) goes to the Middle East, followed by Southeast Asia and North America.
  • Mango pulp is a suitable substrate for fermentation due to its high carbohydrate content and availability in Mexico.
  • The analysis results indicates that Indian mango pulp price is determined by top 10 countries of high quantity imports and high total value imports.
  • Mango pulp is gaining in popularity in western markets simply by virtue of the fact that more and more consumers are buying fresh mango fruit and are becoming familiar with its taste.

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