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General Information

  • A cenosphere is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere filled with inert air or gas, typically produced as a byproduct of coal combustion at thermal power plants.
  • A cenosphere (ceramic sphere) is a hollow microscopic ball made of smooth silica-aluminum and other minor ceramic elements.
  • Other names for Cenospheres are: micro balloons, micro spheres, nano spheres, ceramic spheres, micro beads.
  • Cenospheres are hard and rigid, light, waterproof, innoxious, and insulative. This makes them highly useful in a variety of products, notably fillers.
  • Cenospheres are essentially thin-walled glass spheres with a relative density of less than 1.0.
  • Cenospheres are unique free flowing powders composed of hard shelled, hollow, minute spheres.


  • A small proportion of the pulverised fuel ash (PFA) produced from the combustion of coal in power stations is formed as Cenospheres. Cenospheres are made up of silica, iron and alumina.
  • Cenospheres, also referred to as hollow ceramic microspheres, is a non-porous, inert, hollow, alumina-silicate, micro balls that is formed by burning of pulverized coal during power generation process.
  • The cenospheres are produced only by a highly filtered processing of the fly ash.
  • Cenospheres are formed from coal combustion ash when it is in a molten state.


  • Cenospheres are now used as fillers in cement to produce low density concrete.
  • Cenospheres are used as fillers in lowdensity concrete; in plastics and composite materials used for manufacturing bowling balls, kayaks, surfboards, and automotive components; and in fire bricks, floor tiles, and insulating materials.
  • They are used to replace minerals and resins where the benefits may be as diverse as weight reduction, improved insulation, reduced shrinkage, improved fire resistance reduced friction, improved surface finish or simply easier application.


  • Cenospheres, derived from the inferno of coal-fired power plants, have been used for more than 30 years to improve the qualities of many manufactured products.
  • Cenospheres occur in minute concentrations; a ton of South African fly ash gives rise to only one kg of
  • Didcot Power Station is able to harvest the cenospheres from the lake at Radley and approximately 400 tonnes are made available each year.

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