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  • Trimethylgallium, Ga(CH3)3, often abbreviated to TMG or TMGa, is the preferred metalorganic source of gallium for metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of gallium-containing compound semiconductors, such as GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaSb, InGaAs, InGaN, AlGaInP, InGaP and AlInGaNP.
  • Trimethylgallium may be prepared by the reaction of dimethylzinc with gallium trichloride.
  • The material is used in the production of LED lighting and semiconductors as a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition precursor.
  • Trimethylgallium is the most widely used source for GaAs MOVPE. A room temperature (20C) V.P. of 182 torr makes it suitable for both atmospheric and low pressure applications.
  • In semiconductor manufacturing, trimethyl gallium (TMGa) is used in OrganoMetallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for the deposition of epitaxial GaAs or GaN layers.
  • Trimethyl-gallium occurs in trace amounts in bauxite and zinc ores. It seems that the most competitive base material for the semiconductor production is gallium.
  • Trimethyl-gallium has approximately the consistency of water and is a colourless fluid, which has a boiling point of 60 degree C, has an explosion-like reaction with water, and flames up on its own when reacting with air.
  • Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition growth of GaN films using trimethylgallium and triethylgallium sources exhibited the different growth mechanisms and properties of GaN films.

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