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  • Tomato paste is a thick paste that is made by cooking tomatoes for several hours to reduce moisture, straining them to remove the seeds and skin, and cooking them again to reduce them to a thick, rich concentrate.
  • On average, 6kg of fresh tomatoes are required to make1 kg of tomato paste.
  • A large part of the world tomato crop is processed into tomato paste, which is subsequently used as an ingredient in many food products, mainly soups, sauces and ketchup.
  • Tomato paste is a dispersion of solid particles (pulp) in an aqueous medium (serum) resulting from the concentration of tomato juice, after the removal of skin and seeds, and contains 24% or more natural soluble solids.
  • Tomato purée is a processed food product, usually consisting of only tomatoes, but can also be found in pre-seasoned form. It differs from tomato sauce or tomato paste in consistency and content; tomato puree generally lacks the additives common to a complete tomato sauce, and does not have the thickness of paste.
  • Tomato purée can be used in soups, stews, sauces, or any other dish where the tomato flavor is desired, but not the texture.
  • Tomato paste is already an important market in Iraq, where approximately 90,000 tons are consumed annually.
  • Iranian tomato paste is currently the cheapest product in the market, costing 25% less than Turkish products, with a wholesaler price in the range of 1,600 Iraqi Dinars (ID) per kg.
  • Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are both in the top ten import countries of tomato paste from China with respectively 28,800 and 35,100MT, in the year 2008.
  • Tomato paste is a commodity in a competitive global market. Worldwide, there are three major players in tomato paste production: the United States, Europe (mainly Italy and Spain) and China.
  • India has been exporting processed tomato in the form of tomato paste and ketchup. India does possess moderate export competitiveness on the world market for tomato paste. The domestic market is expanding, and there is also world demand for this product. Tomato paste is another item in which India possesses export competitiveness.
  • Turkey’s tomato paste exports began in 1967 with a symbolic amount of 3.5 tons, but in subsequent years it has rapidly soared. In 2009, 138 thousand tons of tomato paste were exported. In the same year tomato paste export revenues reached to 182 million US Dollars.

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