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  • A form of tobacco tooth powder traditionally used in India, in particular by women in state of Gujarat.
  • Tobacco tooth powder has the appearance of a fine dry powder and is typically applied to the teeth and gums.
  • Red tooth powder is a fine tobacco powder that is red in colour and contains many additional ingredients including herbs and flavouring agents.
  • Red tooth powder is a commercially available dentifrice that contains a significant proportion of tobacco.
  • Mishri is roasted tobacco powder that is applied as a toothpowder.
  • Tobacco alone (with aroma and flavourings) e.g. Creamy or dry snuff, Gudakhu, Gul, Mishri, Red tooth powder.
  • Smokeless tobacco use among adults was 32.7%.  Khaini (57.1%) among males and tobacco toothpowder (41.3%) among females were the most commonly used smokeless tobacco products.
  • Seven UK brands of smokeless tobacco, including a tooth cleaning powder, and four international brands of
    smokeless tobacco were tested for a range of toxins and known carcinogens, such as tobacco specific N-nitrosamines (TSNA), as well as nicotine availability.
  • Tooth cleaning powders are originating from Southeast Asia and comprising abrasive powdered tobacco with aromatic ingredients added to make the breath sweet.

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