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  • Thermochromic laminated glazing (TLG) which regulate daylight automatically adapting dynamically to the continuously changing climatic conditions, aids in reducing the energy needs of a building and providing thermal comfort.

  • Glazing technology changes optical properties with respect to temperature c. It consists of mainly liquids or gels sandwiched between layers of glazing.

  • One of the most prospective thermochromic materials is vanadium dioxide (VO2), because VO2 films can be used for many applications, such as smart thermo-chromic windows and thermal glazing.

  • The glass works due to a thin surface coating of vanadium dioxide, combined with gold Nano-particles that reflect certain parts of the electro-magnetic spectrum away, and absorb others thus controlling thermal penetration into a building through the glass.

  • Preferably the thermo-chromic layers in the windows change transmission continuously over a range of temperatures so they not only reduce heat loads but they maximize daylighting.

  • A manufacturing method of the thermochromic smart window which includes a glass and a thermochromic layer plus a vanadium dioxide material formed on the glass.

  • Chief advantages are daylight regulation adapted on a programmable and automatic basis without using of any electrical power unit, simple design, cheap laminating technology & raw materials, feasibility of large glazing area production, high material UV-stability.

  • New development in smart glass technology that is currently receiving considerable attention because of the potential it has to reduce energy use in buildings, particularly those located in warmer climates.

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