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  • Saccharin sodium is also called as sodium saccharin and it is an artificial sweetener found in a multitude of products.
  • The basic substance is benzoic sulfilimine and it has an effectively no food energy, it is more sweater than sucrose and it maybe 300-500 times sweeter than table sugar.
  • The characteristics specification of appearance is white crystals and the melting point range is 226-230degree Celsius and the content is 99.0% to 101.0% and it containing loss of drying has less than or equal to 15.
  • The chemical names of sodium saccharin are sodium salt dihydrate of 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3(2h)-one-1, 1-dioxide, 3-oxo-2, 3-dihydrobrnzoisothazole-1.
  • Melting range of saccharin derived from the sample range is 226-230 degree Celsius.
  • It identification is to 10ml of 1 in 10 solution add 1ml of hydrochloric acid and it allow to stand with in one hour and it filter the crystalline precipitate formed.
  • The raw materials of sodium saccharin is sodium and saccharin.
  • It widely used in series of low calorie and sugar-free foods and beverages such as baked products, jams, soft drinks, salad and so on. it also is used in cosmetic products, vitamins and pharmaceuticals.
  • The sodium saccharin shelf life is 24 months and it has two types they are  flavouring agents and sweeteners.
  • It is most cost-effective rates and safe ,sealed packages. the chemical and physical properties are white crystalline solid, not soluble in water, bitter in taste and unstable when heated.
  • It is used are drinks, candies, biscuits, medicine, and toothpaste.
  • It is sweet degree is 500 times sweeter than that of sugar and in that made is a sweet taste agent.

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