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General Information

  • Mushrooms are fleshy, spore-bearing reproductive structures of fungi. For a long time, wild edible mushrooms have played an important role as a human food.
  • It is this precious vegetable that would solve the problem of protein malnutrition in our country.
  • Mushroom production is completely different from growing green plants. Mushrooms do not contain chlorophyll and therefore depend on other plant material (the “substrate”) for their food.
  • Mushroom cultivation is a well-established and profitable biotechnological process carried out worldwide on a large or small scale.


  • They are also a good source of vitamins (B1, B2, B12 and C), essential amino acids, and carbohydrates but are low in fat and fibre and contain no starch.
  • Mushrooms have been valued throughout the world as both food and medicine for thousands of years.
  • Mushroom cultivation is a good example for the use of forestal not-timber resources.
  • Many by-products from agricultural production and food processing can be used as growing media in mushroom production.


  • The market for mushrooms continues to grow due to interest in their nutritional and health benefits.
  • The market for mushrooms has been expanding in recent years. The trend is away from the canned product toward fresh and dried mushroom sales.
  • Recently The Packer, a produce industry weekly, reported that, according to a recent marketing survey, of the families that purchased mushrooms in the previous year, 86% purchased button mushrooms and 70% purchased specialty species.
  • U.S. fresh-market sales are the largest market for mushrooms; an estimated 85 percent of total annual sales in CY 2007/08 were of mushrooms for the fresh market.
  • Shiitake mushrooms have been commercially grown in the United States for over 20 years and are now well accepted by American gourmet markets.


  • From a production standpoint, the white button mushroom has the highest growth rate and potential for production.
  • Small-scale mushroom production is now being carried out in many rural and suburban peasant communities throughout the country.
  • Mushrooms are very popular in most of the developed countries and they are becoming popular in many developing countries like India.
  • About 38 percent of the total world production of mushrooms is button mushroom. Further, mushroom growing is highly labour intensive and requirement of land are is comparatively low.
  • Currently, oyster mushrooms are currently being produced in Uganda for the dried export market.

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