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General Information

  • Garlic powder is dried garlic that has been finely diced to create a powdered form.
  • Garlic powder is an important ingredient of Indian cooking. It is being used for over hundred years as a condiment.
  • It helps in absorption and digestion of food has anathematic and antiseptic properties and is thus used in several medicinal preparations.
  • Garlic powder is produced by slicing or crushing garlic cloves, then drying and grinding them into powder.
  • Garlic powder is a hygienically-prepared good quality product. It is easy and convenient to use and store and can be transported without any difficulty.


  • Garlic Powder, which is used mainly as a condiment in food preparations, also serves as carminative and gastric stimulant in many medical preparations.
  • As a condiment, it is used for flavouring mayonnaise and tomato ketchup or sauces, salad dressings, meat sausages, gravies, stews, spaghetti, chutneys, pickles, curried dishes, etc.
  • Garlic powder is used as a flavoring agent for condiments and food and is thought to retain the same ingredients as raw garlic.


  • Manufacture of garlic powder from raw bulb is a well established activity in Europe and U.S and is now taking roots in India.
  • Garlic powder can be produced in many states of India, but this note considers Gujarat as a preferred location.
  • South Korea is the largest consumer of Garlic Spices, extensively used for medicinal and culinary purpose.
  • Garlic powder is a very popular ingredient with cooks throughout the world, but is especially popular in Chinese and Mediterranean cooking.

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