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  • Cadmium cyanide is an inorganic compound.
  • And its Chemical formula is  Cd(CN)2.
  • Cadmium cyanide is a white crystalline compound is used in electroplating.
  • And it is very toxic ,when combined with other cadmium and cyanide compounds.
  • Cadmium cyanide is produced from  cadmium hydroxide with hydrogen cyanide.
  • It is fairly soluble in water
  • It is unusual for metal cyanides.
  • Its solubility increases with the additional cyanide.
  • Basically Cyanide is very reactive, forming simple salts with alkali earth cations and ionic complexes.
  • The stability of these salts is dependent on the cation and on pH.
  • The salts of sodium, potassium and calcium cyanide are quite toxic, and  they are highly soluble in water.
  • Also readily dissolve to form free cyanide.
  • Operations typically receive cyanide as solid or dissolved  Ca(CN)2.
  • Cyanide forms complexes with gold, mercury, cobalt and iron that are very stable even under mildly acidic conditions.
  • The cyanide ion also combines with sulfur to form thiocyanate.
  • Thiocyanate dissociates under weak acidic conditions, but is typically not considered to be a WAD species .
  • Cyanidation is the process of extracting gold from ore with cyanide.
  • Cyanide dissociated in solution aids in anode corrosion, helps to maintain a constant metal ion level and to a lesser extent.
  • And it increases the conductivity of the solution thus giving it enhanced "throwing power" at optimal concentrations.
  • Cyanide  is used in several plating baths such as cadmium, copper and silver.
  • Cadmium Cyanide caters to the variegated demands of many areas.
  •  Such as laboratories of schools/colleges/institutes, research centers, and pharmaceutical & chemical industry.
  • The desirable properties of a cadmium deposit obtained from a cadmium cyanide plating solution.
  • And it is largely dependent on the composition of the solution and the conditions of deposition of cadmium cyanide.

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